Pool Lighting

Stunning Swimming Pool Lighting

GD Group LLC adds beauty, function, and efficiency to pools by designing and installing swimming pool lighting throughout Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas. Our low-voltage systems save money on energy bills while giving you the perfect style and atmosphere for your swimming and poolside lounging. Whether you prefer dramatic lighting that stands out or softer shades and brightness levels, we'll devise a unique solution according to your needs. We design secure lighting systems with the latest features and settings, built to provide your ideal glow.
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outdoor pool at night with lights

Enjoy Your Pool Anytime

Illuminating your pool is among the best ways to achieve maximum usage. Pools are a significant investment that you want to enjoy as much as possible. The difference a little lighting and atmosphere can make is fantastic. Whether you enjoy subtle tones and shades or vibrant colors, we can customize pool lighting to satisfy your aesthetics. We install the latest systems outfitted with cutting-edge sensors and timers, giving you complete control over your pool lighting.


Pool lighting adds atmosphere and beauty to the pool time experience. We'll customize pool lighting that looks great and blends with your other outdoor features. Enjoy soft glows or brilliant displays during your evening swim.


Do you feel like going for a night swim? Our pool lighting provides adequate light for swimmers to see and be aware of their surroundings. We'll prioritize you and your family's safety and give you comfort and peace of mind.

Day and Night Use

With a pool light installation, you'll be able to use your pool whenever you wish, even during the darkest nights. There's no need to schedule your swimming and pool time. You can swim all night if you want.

Vibrant Tiki Bar Lighting Installation

Do you want to give your outdoor poolside space a tropical atmosphere? Do you want to feel like you're enjoying beverages and gathering with loved ones in Hawaii? If so, GD Group LLC will provide you with a fun-filled tiki bar lighting installation. We can design and install a lighting system to match your tiki bar's unique style and mood. Our lighting emulates the look and feel of a genuine tiki bar and will transport you and your guests to another world.